This research was conducted in April 2020, and it is actually is pretty complicated question. In one paragraph, there are six strategies in total (gif source: le peuple migrateur):

  • For the aspects that increase lift:
    1. Elaborate constrution of birds’ wings excellenctly combined with appropriate flying strategies flying
    2. Powerful air sacs system and double-loop breathing strategy flying
    3. Higher body temperature bringing stronger metabolism flying
  • For the aspects that reduce gravity:
    1. Specialized bones that balance weight and firmness flying
    2. Streamline body structure flying
    3. Optimized organs based on requirement flying

Beyond the question itself, I further focused on these three following questions that doubted me a lot, which I’ve given my answers to them in the video after (but in Chinese… currently)

  1. Where do birds evolve from and their relationship with dinosaur family?
  2. Can I construct a physics model about birds’ flying?
  3. Why some birds cannot fly, like penguine and ostrich? flying

The underlying video is the final result of my research and it was uploaded on my bilibili channel.

Sorry that all the video contents are in Chinese.

With heavy workload in university, I don’t have time to upload an English version, but I will update a English version if I have time in 2022 summer, thank you!